Rotex 1830

Rotex 1830 is a fairly young Rotex-Club which was established in the middle of the year 2020 by former Rotary youth exchange students.
Rotex 1830 was found to help both in- and outbounds during their exchange in or from the district 1830. The district itself is situated around the German city of Stuttgart. The Club currently consists of a very active core of members who are motivated and keen on supporting the exchange in every way possible.
We are expecting to get bigger with more rebounds arriving every year. The club is very energetic, funny, and welcoming but still very efficient when it comes to helping Rotary or supporting the exchange students! The Rotex-Club has regular meetings so if you want to visit us feel free to write us a short E-mail!

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Rotex Deutschland
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Maximilian Jetter
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