Enhancing Experience with Experience

Rotex International enhances experience with experience through guiding and connecting Rotex clubs worldwide and ensuring that their work with Outbound, Inbound, and Rebound Rotary Youth Exchange students is well-supported and executed, ever-adapting to shared best-practices, and in accordance with Rotary values.

We connect people

We promote peace

We enable change

Rotex International Convention 2024
in Brescia, Italy

In 2024, Rotex 2050 will open their doors from the 1st – 4th of August to host the 6th Rotex International Convention and reunite Rotex clubs all over the world to share knowledge and build a stronger Rotary alumni network.

Our Causes

Guiding Exchange Students

The Groundwork

Rotexers all over the world guide Inbounds, Outbounds and Rebounds through their year abroad.

Using our experience from exchange, we are able to enhance the experience of new generations of program participants.

Supporting Rotary’s Youth Service

The Bigger Picture

Rotex follows Rotary’s principles of “service above self” and is engagend in Youth Service.

We provide manpower, experience and inventiveness and firmly believe that we all together can do our part in promoting peace.

Enhancing Youth Exchange

The Personal Experience

Our personal experience with the Youth Exchange Program not only helps us connecting with other future, current and past program participants, but also provides valuable insights into the program itself and on how to improve it.

“My Dream is for every 17-year-old to become a Youth Exchange student. If we could achieve this, there would be no more wars.”
– Carl-Wilhelm Stenhammer, President Rotary International, 2005-2006

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