What is Rotex International

Rotex International enhances experience with experience through guiding and connecting Rotex clubs worldwide and ensuring that their work with Outbound, Inbound, and Rebound Rotary Youth Exchange students is well-supported and executed, ever-adapting to shared best-practices, and in accordance with Rotary values. Rotex International is formed by an executive board comprised of five Rotexers elected at the Rotex International Convention organized every two years in different countries.

The mandate that the current board has, has been defined for the previous board as to enhance experience with experience. We, as the current board, strive to do just that through acting as an international representation of Rotex Clubs worldwide and carving a place for Rotex within Rotary International, bringing more attention to Rotex’s work at the national and international level, and unifying Rotexers worldwide by uniting clubs and supporting networking amongst them. This will allow the Rotexers share experiences and expertise, enabling all clubs to benefit and learn from each other, ultimately reaching their true potential.

How does the Rotex International Board function?

The Rotex International Board functions to develop Rotex’s work internationally and help connect more Rotex clubs worldwide in order to reach the potential that Rotex holds as a worldwide organization.

We compile and create all necessary documents and connections needed to support Rotex clubs worldwide and have and will continue to work directly with Rotary International to better the relationship and communication between Rotex and Rotary, as we endeavor to make a name for Rotex in the Rotary world.

The board communicates via a Whatsapp group for constant communication and holds Skype meetings regularly to discuss the most important issues at hand. We currently run a Facebook page, a website and Instagram-account, through which we keep everyone updated on the work we are doing as the board, showcase our clubs worldwide to promote networking and sharing of experiences, and post anything else related to exchange that could be helpful for other Rotexers in order to engage as many people as possible. Our main goal through using social media is to spread the word of Rotex amongst past exchange students, Rotarians, and anyone outside of the Rotary world who may be interested in getting involved with Rotary or youth exchange.

Rotex Achievements

The latest achievements by Rotex clubs include the organization of the four International Rotex Conventions in Bordeaux, Brussels, Hanover and Taipei on the themes How to Create Rotex, How to Improve Rotex, and Enhancing Common Ground, respectively. During the 3rd conference, the very first board of Rotex International was elected, which also remains as the beginning of our current work.

Since then, we have created documents to help clubs, such as Founding a Rotex Club and created a whole new website. With a great help of Rotex International’s PR team, we have also amazingly improved our Facebook page and Instagram, via sharing helpful information for Rotexers, posting pictures of our Rotexers meeting up in the world, and starting the Rotex Showcase campaign, where one club per week is presented to share best practices and ideas for other clubs. We have also organized the Rotex Week where all the Rotex clubs all over the world could participate and share their experience and work through photos relating to different kind of themes.