Inbound Service Project

The Inbound Service Project is based within the Rotary Youth Exchange, Carried out by Inbounds and supported by Rotex.

What is Inbound Service Project

The Inbound Service Project is striving to become an internationally existing social action plan, working on district-level by encouraging Rotary Youth Exchange students all over the world to get involved in volunteerism and charity.

Mentored by Rotex clubs and members, the students will be given the opportunity to engage in fundraising initiatives supporting the charity of their choice whether it be a community-based or international charitable organization.

Rotary Youth Exchange students are not solely ambassadors of their home country and districts; they are ambassadors of Rotarian values, world peace, and international understanding. With their ability to touch so many individuals across the globe, their combined efforts truly have the power to make a large scale difference.

Upon returning home, they will be equipped with the determination and skill sets necessary to do charity work in their own towns, cities, and Rotary districts.

If we could inspire even half of the ~530 districts participating in the Youth Exchange worldwide to raise 4000 US $ annually:

We could gather one million US $ each year for charitable projects!

The ISP pursues 5 key goals:

  • To grow a stronger connection between the Inbound and his or her host club.
  • To develop the organizational skills associated with charity work.
  • To learn and live by Rotarian values.
  • To promote these values of Rotary and the Rotary Youth Exchange Program in our society.
  • To give back to those in need!

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Group Projects

Every Inbound of the district engages in this project organized and coordinated by Rotex. Since there is also much preparation, coordination, and planning involved, these kinds of projects need more time but are also able to provide exceptionally high donations to the charitable cause.

Individual Projects

The Inbounds start an individual project with their host club. Together, they have an endless amount of fundraising options. This cooperation that should have no limit in creativity, will also enhance the relationship between the Inbound and the club.

Project Coordination

Rotex International Charity Committee

At the 4th International Rotex Convention in 2018 in Taiwan, the attendants agreed that since Rotex is now also a part of the Rotarian Family as an official Alumni Association, it is our duty to become further engaged in the field of service.

Our field of action includes providing information about the project to the participating districts and to exchange ideas in order to make this project as successful as possible; therefore, we will be offering a database via our website in the near future.

Also, we are trying to establish a strong bond with a few organizations that our participants might donate to. Thus, we would like to make it easier for them to choose a deserving organization and receive informative material about it.

Therefore, by allowing the Inbounds to envision their own projects and use their potential in order to do international charity work, we are making a difference.

If you wish to contact us for individual assistance in the process of establishing the ISP in your district or if you need further information, please do not hesitate to e-mail us at:

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