How to get involved with RXI

All previous Rotary Youth Exchange participants can get involved with Rotex International. We are always looking for motivated and enthusiastic people to join us!

Every year we have our board elections where members of Rotex associations registered in our Club Directory or members of our committees can apply to be on the RXI Board.

There are also five committees working under Rotex International: Public Relations (PR) Committee, Training and Development Committee, Information Technology (IT) Committee, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) Committee, and Inbound Service Project (ISP) Committee.

PR Committee

The PR Committee works on connecting Rotex worldwide through social media as well as promoting the RYE Program and Rotex. They inform, inspire and motivate the international Rotex community. Besides informing every Rotex about actions taken from the RXI board and committees, it is also one of the main goals of the PR Committee to improve Rotex-to-Rotex-Relations and strengthen Rotex International.

If you are an engaged and creative social media expert who wants to impact globally, email for more information.

Training and Development Committee

The Training and Development Committee focuses on creating useful resources for all the Rotex Clubs worldwide. This includes creating materials for our website and knowledgebase, organizing workshops and other events, and finding out about the best practices of Rotex Clubs around the world.

They inspire, help and support clubs at different steps on their journey. The work done by the Training and Development Committee is essential to help out new clubs to be formed and to inspire existing clubs with new ideas. The committee can also work on professional development content for international young people such as Rotex are.

If you are passionate about helping Rotex Clubs to develop and have many creative ideas, contact for more information.

IT Committee

The IT Committee is in charge of the technical background of RXI. That includes our website, as well as the mailing infrastructure and data management. Currently the committee is working on creating web infrastructure that enables communication between Rotexers, Clubs, and RXI.

In the IT Committee you are ale to work on interesting projects, enable Rotex around the world to enhance youth exchange and provide the best service to current exchange students.

If you are an IT expert who wants to develop your own visions with Rotex International community, email for more information.

DEI Committee

The DEI Committee focuses on finding out about practices, issues and experiences related to diversity, equity and inclusion within the RYE Program.

The committee is going through some changes that are lead by an active member of the global Rotex Community. If you feel passionately about the topic and want to contribute in establishing this committee, email

ISP Committee

The ISP (Inbound Service Project) Committee encourages Rotex International member associations to introduce and further grow the Inbound Service Project.

The idea behind ISP is to motivate Rotary exchange students to initiate their own service projects and give back to those in less fortunate situations. The committee has previously created a database which will collect and provide all information about service projects that have already been carried out elsewhere.

Unfortunately the committee is currently inactive, but are looking to re-establish the committee with a help of an enthusiastic member of the global Rotex community. If you feel inspired about the ISP and want to work on re-activating the RXI ISP Committee, email