Rotex 1840 e.V.

Rotex 1840 e.V. is a Rotary Alumni Association based in Southern Germany. Our club counts around 40 active members, almost 90 oficial Rotex Alumnis – and we are still growing every year.
Rotex 1840 e.V. was founded around 30 years ago and was officially registered as an e.V. in 2007. Since then it has been part of the YEP district team. As a member of it we take care of the LTEP (Long Term Exchange Program) Out-, In-, and Rebounds as well as the STEP (Short Term Exchange Program) Out-, and Rebounds. For our exchange students we are a connection between the Hosting/Sponsoring Rotary Club, the district and the host family, being a contact person they can talk to and who supports them by our own experience from exchange.
Additionally are we in charge of the organisation of 10 events to exchange, prepare and reflect Youth Exchange for the students just as for getting to know the culture and learn the language. Even if we do organize all these events on our own we are always in correspondence with Rotary and the YEP-Team and at least one Rotarian is attending each event or some events are even sponsored by Rotary. Seven of our events are organized in cooperation with members of the YEP-Team, we contribute in meetings of the district commitee and some more events on district level. On top of this there is always the possibility to ask for presentations about our work, as we like to inform about the program and are always pleased if we can promote or find new supporters.

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