Rotex 1880

In the very east of Germany, right next to Czech Republic and Poland, you will not only find some of the most beautiful mountains and castles in Germany but also us – Rotex 1880. Our district covers the state of Saxony as well as the north-eastern part of Bavaria. This banana-like shape allows us to not only cross borders that formerly separated East and West Germany but also to celebrate a wide range of cultural traditions, from Bavarian Weißwurst to Sorbian language in Eastern Saxony. With around 30 inbounds each year and about 25 Rotex members we are still a rather small Rotex club, but we appreciate it as one of our core strengths giving us courage and unity. We rely on a strongly woven net of personal relationships that make Rotex 1880 a family more than anything else. Cooperating closely with the District Chair and Youth Committee fosters both trust and the strive for results. We are proud to count on the experience of Rotex members who have been serving the Youth Exchange for almost two decades, while we are encouraged to seek innovation and improvement by the unconditional support of our District team. Half of our Rotex team has been living outside the district for many years now, and still we feel a strong sense of belonging to our home district so that we continue to travel across Germany to host orientations in Regensburg, Weißwasser, Leipzig and many other beautiful cities.
Since we are a small Rotex club, we always welcome other Rotex members to join us or come visit at one of our weekends. Hope to see you soon!

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