Rotex 5550

While on exchange abroad, the 2018-2019 outbounds of 5550 reached out to each other in March with the idea to create the very first Rotex group in the district`s history. These outbounds were the catalyst for our newly created Rotex.

As of 2021, we are small but mighty. We have plans to increase our numbers, present to schools, attend inbound and outbound events, post regularly on our Instagram and Facebook, chaperone inbound trips, fundraise and create a ‘Rotex weekend’ for the inbounds to attend. We have big plans!

As of Feb 2021 our board includes:
Co-Presidents: Brenna Luke & Sarah Szell
Vice President: Thuraya Brennan
Secretary: Zoe Flamman
Treasurer: Tessa Lane
Special mentions: Graydon Eskowich and Ethan Perkins

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