2021 Rotex International Board Election Procedure

These are the procedures regarding the voting and formation of the Rotex International Board in 2021 and override the general voting procedure. The board is made up of five people who are elected for a two-year term. Their terms are staggered, meaning that either two or three people are elected annually. If possible, the board election should take place at a Rotex International Convention.

This year, we will elect three new board members at our virtual general meeting on August 7th at 2 pm CEST. Candidates running for the board cannot run for a specific position. The positions will be redistributed by the new board after the elections.

Who can run?

There can only be one candidate per country running for the board. The candidate must be a former Rotary Youth Exchange program participant and member of Rotex club listed in the Rotex International Club Directory. The candidate needs to be nominated by the Rotex clubs of their country or by their country’s national Rotex organization. Applications can be submitted by completing the form found at this link: https://forms.gle/TZ5wgPTZFAPpfsvQ9 and should be submitted no later than July 31st.

Each country should complete the preliminary selection of their candidate by this date.

This year, no candidates from the United States and Mexico are allowed to run as Emma and Emiliano will remain on the board until 2022.

Candidate meet and greet

After their applications have been submitted, the Rotex community has the opportunity to get to know the candidates and ask them questions at an online event. This meet and greet event will take place on August 1st (time TBD).

Club voting registration

As the official registration of Rotex International has not yet been completed, the board has decided that clubs which are registered in the Rotex International Club Directory on our website: https://rotex.org/club-directory/ will be allowed to vote.

Each Rotex club must choose a representative to vote on their behalf. This person must be present at the general meeting to vote. Each club must register this person as their designated voting representative using an online form, which will be published shortly before the election.

The election

On the day of the election, every voting club will have three votes. The votes are cast by the club’s officially registered voting representative and need to be cast for different candidates. No candidate can receive more than one vote from a single Rotex Club.

The results will be announced during the general meeting shortly after the elections.


This year’s election procedure has been established by the current board of Rotex International. Any questions regarding the procedure can be directed to the board via our email (info@rotex.org) or our social media channels.