2022 Election Procedure for the Rotex International Board

These are the procedures regarding the voting and formation of the Rotex International Board in 2022 and override the general voting procedure. The board is formed by five people who are elected for a two-year term. The board has a staggered election system, meaning that either two or three people are elected on an annual basis. If possible, the election should take place at a Rotex International Convention.

This year, we will elect two new board members at our virtual general meeting on Saturday, August 6th at 2 pm CEST. Candidates running for the board cannot run for a certain position. The positions will be distributed by the new board.

Who can run?

​The candidate must be at least one of the following:

  • An active or recently active member of a recognized Rotex association
  • An active or recently active member of a Rotex International committee

For this election cycle, former outbounds that went on exchange in 2019, 2019-20 or 2020 are also allowed to run. Many of these former outbounds have not yet had the opportunity to be active members of a recognized Rotex association and because of this, the board decided to make this exception for this election cycle (and this election cycle only).

There can only be one candidate per country running for the board. Candidates must ensure that they are the only candidate running for their country. If there is more than one candidate for a country, then a preliminary selection must take place. Each country can decide how to conduct their selection process. This process should be completed before the listed application deadline.

Applications should be submitted through this link: https://forms.gle/scCbkpsH2fYQDTAz8 by no later than Saturday, July 23rd.

​This year, no candidates are allowed to run for Finland, Italy, or the USA. Julia (Finland) will continue her two-year term on the board. Leonie (Germany) is stepping down after her first year on the board. Alberto Domenighini (Italy), who was a candidate in last year’s board elections, will step up to finish her term. Aaryaman (India) is also stepping down after his first year on the board. As there were no other candidates in last year’s elections, Emma (USA) will remain on the board for another year to complete his term.

Meet and greet with the candidates

After the submission of the candidacies, the Rotex community has the opportunity to get to know the candidates and ask them questions at an online event. This meet and greet event will take place on Sunday, July 31st. The exact time for the event will be released later.

Club voting registration

As the official registration as an association has not yet been completed, the board has decided to give voting rights to Rotex clubs which are registered in the Rotex International Club Directory on our website: https://rotex.org/club-directory/.

For the election, one representative must be named to cast a vote on behalf of a Rotex club. This representative must be present at the general meeting in order to cast their vote. The form to register a club’s voting representative will be released at a later date.

The election

On the day of the vote, each voting club will have two votes. The votes are cast by the club’s officially registered representative. The representative can either choose to abstain or cast their votes. If the representative casts their votes, both votes must be used. No candidate can receive more than one vote from a single Rotex club.

The results will be announced shortly after the election during the general meeting.


This year’s election procedure has been established by the current board of Rotex International. Any questions regarding the procedure can be directed to the board via our e-mail (info@rotex.org) or our social media channels.