Meet our Candidates – 2022 RXI Board Candidate Application

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Rotex International Candidate Meet and Greet

Come and meet the candidates for the Rotex International board!

Posted by Rotex International on Sunday, 31 July 2022

Candidate #1:

Albert Hönisch

Rotex 1940

Rotary District: 1940

Country : Germany

Albert Hönisch is from Germany, Rotex Club 1940, and is currently studying for his masters near Frankfurt.

After his exchange, Albert joined Rotex 1940 and helped in several Rotex events to support and enhance youth exchange in Germany.

He then joined the PR Commitee of Rotex International in 2019 and had the chance to support the work of Rotex on an international level, such as with the organization of the annual Rotex Week. He was also elected president of Rotex Germany. He connected German Rotex Clubs and lead them through two difficult years during the pandemic by hosting online courses, workshops and by collecting and sharing knowledge to further enhance the work of Rotex.

He now wants to run for the RXI Board to further enable the sharing of knowledge on an international level to further foster the position and impact of Rotex Clubs worldwide.

Candidate #2:

Kyla Christianson

Rotex 5060

Rotary District: 5060

Country : Canada

Kyla Christianson, currently living in British Columbia, Canada, is the president of Rotex 5060, which she co-founded in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As Rotex 5060 overcame this challenge, Kyla started their club‘s promotion and social media campaigns , after which she created the foundation for Rotex training opportunities in D5060 in Canada.

As an RXI board member, Kyla hopes to create more training opportunities for Rotex worldwide!

Candidate #3:

Saloni Girdhari Bagwani

Rotex Club: Rotex 3030

Rotary District: 3030

Country: India

Saloni Girdhari Bagwani is from India and is the founding member and president of Rotex 3030.

As a board member, Saloni wants to build fellowship and strengthen administration for Rotex, as well as educate and create awareness on My Rotary and Learning Centre. Having worked in many leadership positions she believes that her strong management, strategic and planning skills will contribute to #EnhancingExperienceWithExperience.

Candidate #4:

Shanti Fukasaku

Rotex Club: Rotex 2790

Rotary District: 2790

Country: Japan

Shanti Fukasaku is from Japan and is currently studying in California, USA.

After her exchange, and during the pandemic, she helped perspective outbound students with their English communication skills and attended monthly orientations where she presented her experience to multiple Rotary Clubs.

Remembering all of the other exchange students she met on exchange that she is still connected with on social media today, Shanti wants Rotex International to become a larger global community. As a Rotex board member she wants to become a bridge that connects Rotex members with each other to create a global family-like community.