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Getting started

Want to found a new Rotex Club? Great!

The best way to start is to get in contact with other former Rotary Youth Exchange students in your area. Get together and find out if the other rebounds if they would like to be part of Rotex. You can look up from the social media what other Rotex club have done and think about what would you like to do and achieve as a Rotex. Get in touch with the board of Rotex International and you are almost ready to found a Rotex Club!

The next six steps are the so-called major steps that need to be followed and done to successfully found a new Rotex Club. These steps will not only help new rebounds to found a new Rotex Club but also ensures continuity of the club and will help the new rebounds of the area to understand Rotex better and be an active part of it as a Rotex. 

Major Steps – How to found a Rotex Club 

  1. Set Goals and Values (Your Rotex Vision) 
  2. Develop a Network of Contacts
  3. Establish a Formal Affiliation and Relationship with Rotary
  4. Create an Internal Structure
  5. Start Recruiting and Promoting
  6. Charter as Rotary Alumni Association