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Membership in Rotex International

RXI is an umbrella organisation, with Rotex Clubs being its members. Membership in RXI is not connected to a membership fee.

There are many reasons for a membership in Rotex International. Your Club, as well as your members will benefit greatly. Let’s start with the general goals of Rotex International. RXI provides support for Rotex and Rotex Clubs worldwide, no matter what situation or position they are in. Through your Clubs membership in RXI, you enable RXI to provide said support. Further, you enable the promotion of Rotex in the Youth Exchange world, thus adding significantly to the quality of the exchange program.

But now down to the more specific benefits. With your Clubs membership in RXI, you will be provided with your own website on the rotex.org website (e.g.: 1840.rotex.org). You can either link your already existing website to it, or you can use our template to easily create your own website. Further, you will be included in our Rotex Club directory. Finally, in RXI, the members decide what direction we are going in. So you will have a voice in shaping the unified position of Rotex worldwide. That way, Rotex will be represented towards Rotary and other actors just the way you like it. The great benefit of Rotex International is, that together we can achieve what no Club can achieve on their own. By joining forces, we have a strong voice of Rotex on the international level. We are able to shape the Youth Exchange Program and work towards a stronger inclusion of Rotex on all levels.

We look forward to your Club joining us at Rotex International. Take the first step and contact us today at info@rotex.org for more information.