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My Rotary and Learning Center

What is My Rotary?

As a Rotary Youth Exchange alumni, you are able to register for a My Rotary account. My Rotary gives you an access to a wide variety of tools and information to make the most out of your experience within the Rotex and Rotary family. In My Rotary you can find information about different kind of Rotary events and you are able to get in contact with other members worldwide.

You can find My Rotary here.

What is Learning Center?

When using My Rotary, you are also able to enjoy a huge amount of training materials that are designed to support your learning and improving new skills.

Rotary’s Learning Center offers you a variety of courses concentrated in different fields, such as The Basics of Rotary, Youth Protection, and Practicing Flexibility and Innovation. The courses are available in various languages. You are also able to get familiar with the Learning Center itself by starting with courses made specifically for the basic use of Learning Center.

Rotex International encourages all of our fellow Rotex to take and complete the Youth Protection course and other courses available in the Learning Center.

You can find the Rotary Learning Center here.